Should I Paint My Home’s Exterior or Get Replacement Siding?

Updating your exterior with a fresh coat of paint is a cost-effective and quick way to boost curb appeal by giving your property a more modern look. However, if you are tired of painting your home every few years, or if your siding needs repairs, it may be smart to consider re-siding your home with a low-maintenance material instead. That way, you can spend more time doing the things you love most!

Let’s take a more in-depth look at these two exterior upgrades so you can move forward with confidence in which direction to take for your home. 

Re-siding Benefits and Drawbacks

Increased style

When you update your exterior with new siding, you can increase its style significantly. 

Enduring results

James Hardie siding and trim can last up to 50 years when installed by a James Hardie Elite Preferred Contractor (like us!) and maintained well over the years. Vinyl siding offers easy upkeep and can last up to 20 years. 

Low maintenance

Hardie’s ColorPlus® Technology delivers factory baked-on color that lasts and comes with a 15-year warranty against fading, chipping, or cracking. 

More significant initial investment

Siding replacement’s drawback is that it requires a larger financial investment than re-painting your exterior. But your investment will pay off! 

Exterior Painting Benefits and Drawbacks

Increased curb appeal

Painting your exterior is the quickest and most economical way to boost your home’s aesthetics. 

Add a protective layer

New paint reseals your home against the elements. 

Maximize home value

Exterior paint increases your home’s overall value and ensures a positive first impression for potential home buyers. 

In time, you’ll still need to re-side 

Exterior painting’s drawback is that if your siding is already aging, exterior paint it isn’t a long-term solution. 

Replacement siding for you home.

Considerations before Deciding Whether to Paint or Re-side Your Home 

Is your existing siding compromised in any way?

Life gets busy, and it can be easy to overlook the need to do small repairs on your home exterior. The problem is that if your exterior becomes compromised due to normal wear and tear, storm damage, pest infestation, or other factors, it needs to be attended to so that small problems don’t become big ones that lead to costly repairs (or that shorten the life of your current siding). The condition of your current siding will play a big role in whether it’s best to re-paint or re-side your home at this time. 

Is your current siding damaged due to moisture infiltration?

Take a look at your exterior. Is there evidence of moisture intrusion such as cracked paint, warped siding boards, mold growth, or wood rot? Are your windowsills cracked? Does the trim around your windows feel soft in some places? Have the nails that hold your siding in place changed in their appearance? If they look sunken, your siding may be swelling or warping due to moisture intrusion. If nails protrude, water may have reached the interior structure of your house, causing studs to swell and push nails out. The more damaged your current siding has, the more important it is to consider siding replacement. 

How long do you plan on living in your current home?

New exterior paint is a smart idea if you are selling your home soon because first impressions last. Crisp paint elevates the look of your property and will contribute positively to its sale. Likewise, if you’re not moving soon but your home needs an update, painting is a cost-effective way to accomplish that. 

If your exterior needs new siding, according to Remodeling Magazine’s 2023 Cost vs. Value Report, you’ll get a substantial return on your investment when it comes time to sell your property if you re-side with either fiber cement or vinyl. This makes re-siding a great option regardless of how long your plan on staying in your home. At Bluff City Exteriors, we install durable, stylish James Hardie siding and trim products as well as cost-effective, low-maintenance vinyl. 

Is your home a candidate for new exterior paint? 

Some houses need significant repairs before they are ready to be repainted. And the more repairs your exterior needs, or the older your siding, the more you should consider simply replacing it instead of repairing and repainting it. For example, if your home is covered in Masonite or wood siding, and they have absorbed water over time, paint won’t adhere to the surface of your home any longer until your siding is repaired or replaced. Your exterior is only a candidate for new paint if your current siding is in good enough condition to be painted or if you have it repaired before re-painting. 

How much exterior maintenance do you desire from here forward? 

If your home is presently covered in wood siding and you are strapped with the tedious job of re-painting it every few years to keep it sealed against moisture leaks and damage, maybe it’s time to step back and evaluate if it would be smarter to install a lower maintenance siding product that wouldn’t need to be painted so often. The decision you make to re-paint or re-side will impact the amount of maintenance your home will need in the future, so think about the long-term implications of this decision before settling on it. 

Get a Fresh Look for Your Exterior with Beautiful New Paint or Siding

Whether you go with new paint or choose to get all new siding, our team at Bluff City Exteriors has you covered when it’s time to refresh your home exterior.  Take the next step today and get a consultation. We can help you evaluate the unique challenges you’re facing and give you an honest assessment, so you can make an informed decision about the best long-term step for your home.