How to Prepare Your Home for James Hardie Installation

Are you about to get Hardie® siding and trim products installed on your greater Memphis area home? How exciting! In order to prepare for your exterior upgrade, take simple steps to ensure installation goes smoothly. Read on to discover simple ways to get ready for your siding installation so you can enjoy the results—and the journey. 

Prepare the Exterior of Your Property for Hardie Siding Installation

Do you have an exterior power outlet you can make available for your siding contractor?

Your siding installers will need power for their tools, so it’s helpful to have an exterior outlet available for them to use (preferably one on a 20-amp circuit). 

Is your home surrounded by landscaping you’d like to protect?

Safeguard your prized landscaping by pruning it back enough that it doesn’t brush up against your existing siding. This will protect new siding from damage and help your contractor easily access your exterior. Each morning of your installation, cover bushes, gardens, and shrubs with a tarp to prevent damage. 

Do you have potted plants and lawn furniture outside your home? 

Declutter your yard to help your siding crew gain easy access to your exterior. Make sure they don’t have an “obstacle course” to navigate to get to your exterior. Remove lawn furniture, children’s toys, potted plants, and any other objects around your home’s perimeter. This is a courtesy and will protect your belongings. 

Is your driveway free and clear of vehicles?

A dumpster will be delivered to your driveway prior to your siding installation. Ensure your driveway is free of vehicles. Park down the street while your siding is installed. 

Prepping your home for a James Hardie Siding Installation.

Get Your Home Interior Ready 

Are there items leaning against or hanging on your interior walls?

Siding removal will cause your home’s walls to shake a bit. Remove any items that are leaning against or hanging on your walls to preserve them. 

Do you have fragile items on shelves inside your house?

Remove your precious possessions that can easily break from any shelves they could fall off. You’ll be glad you took the time to do this once siding removal begins. 

Make Arrangements so Things Run Smoothly

Do you work remotely? 

If you typically work from home, consider making alternate arrangements for your workdays while your new siding is being installed. It’s pretty noisy when your old siding is being removed and new siding placed, and it may be harder to focus on your work as a result. Change up your scenery by going to a nearby coffee shop or library, and you can continue to work without distraction. 

Do you have young children or pets?

A construction site is no place for children, so if you have young ones at home, plan a meaningful outing or visit friends on the days of your siding installation. Also, pets could get hurt roaming your yard while siding is being installed, so find a way to keep them indoors or make alternate arrangements for them away from home while your exterior is being renovated. 

Prevent Accidents Throughout Your Installation

Did the contractor leave scaffolding in place overnight?

To keep accidents from happening, make sure your children and neighbors leave the construction site alone. Steer clear of scaffolding in particular, and realize that although the siding crew cleans up after each day, there still may be stray nails or small pieces of debris in your yard. Don’t risk stepping on something sharp and getting hurt. For your safety, wear boots if you walk through your yard, or stay out of it completely until the job is done. 

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Home Exterior with Beautiful New Hardie Siding 

If you’re dissatisfied with the look of your home exterior and tired of its high maintenance needs, new siding is the perfect solution. James Hardie siding and trim offer simple upkeep, long-lasting color, weather, pest and fire resistance; and gorgeous style you’re sure to love for its extensive lifetime (up to 50 years!).

At Bluff City Exteriors, we are a James Hardie Elite Preferred Contractor so you can rest at ease your siding will be installed to perfection, and you’ll enjoy the high performance and durability it was designed to deliver. We were honored to receive the 2023 Best Home Improvement Contractor Award by the Memphis Flyer, and we’d love to serve you! Take a moment to learn more about our exceptional James Hardie siding services