Funding your Exterior Transformation

Bluff City Exteriors is turning visions into realities with affordable financing options for Memphis area homeowners.

Turning Visions into Reality

At Bluff City Exteriors, we are passionate about turning your exterior renovation dreams into a reality. We understand that financing your project can be a crucial aspect, which is why we offer four convenient payment options to suit your needs. Our goal is to ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of each option so you can make the best decision for your home’s transformation. Whether you choose to pay cash, explore the benefits of a HELOC with The Bank of Fayette County, or consider a cash-out refinance, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Option 1: Cash

The cash payment option allows you to invest in your exterior project without the need for loans or financing. You can pay using cash, check, ACH Automated Clearing House), or credit card. Keep in mind that credit card payments carry a 3.5% processing fee. This payment method is straightforward and suitable for those who have readily available funds to allocate towards their exterior renovation.

Option 2: HELOC (Home Equity Line Of Credit)

For the HELOC (Home Equity Line Of Credit) option, you can leverage the equity you’ve built in your home to fund your exterior renovations. We often work with The Bank of Fayette County, a local lender with extensive construction loan experience, to help our customers explore this financing option.

Within two to three weeks, you can access funds for your project, making it ideal for significant exterior renovations. This financing option allows you to borrow up to 85% of your home’s appraised value, providing a practical and attractive choice for larger-scale transformations.

Option 3: Re-Finance

A cash-out refinance offers an excellent solution for extensive exterior renovations. By refinancing your existing mortgage, you can access the equity accumulated in your home. We recommend exploring this option with The Bank of Fayette County or another trusted lender. The difference between your current mortgage and the refinanced amount can be used for your renovation project. This approach allows you to secure a lump sum for your renovations, making it a compelling option when interest rates are favorable and when you aim to upgrade your home’s exterior to modern standards.

Option 4: In-House Financing

To assist with your exterior renovations, we offer in-house financing options through Service Finance. You can benefit from various payment plans, including low monthly payments and even low or zero-in-terest options. This option is especially useful for those who prefer structured payment schedules and don’t want to bear the full upfront cost of the project. The financing process is designed to be accessible and straightforward, providing you with the financial flexibility to transform your home’s exterior without straining your budget

Throughout your journey, our dedicated team is here to guide and support you. By choosing the right financing option, you can make your exterior renovation project a seamless and enjoyable experience.

For more detailed information or to discuss these payment options further, don’t hesitate to reach out to the recources listed here:

Michelle Bing
Senior Vice President
Bank of Fayette County

[email protected]