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Upgrade Your Lakeland Home's Exterior

The outside of your house is the first impression people will have of your home, which means it is also one of their first impressions of you. Having a beautiful house helps to raise not only the curbside appeal but also to make you feel good about the place you call home.

However, with changing weather conditions, the exterior of a house endures many outside forces. This can lead to weathering, damage, paint wear, and more. Working with an exterior remodeling professional like Bluff City Exteriors can ensure your house looks its best!

New roofing, siding, and gutters installed in Lakeland

What Is the Value of Exterior Remodeling?

Weather in Lakeland, TN can range from blisteringly hot in the summer to torrential rain storms. Mild winter temperatures can bring bucketloads of precipitation. These effects of the weather cause more than the appearance of a house to falter, as the damage and weathering can also cause issues with temperature retention inside your home, cause leaks or other roofing problems, allow pests easier entry access, and more. Thus, exterior remodeling isn’t just about aesthetic appeal, but also structural endurance.

There are a few different aspects of exterior remodeling. So depending on your house’s specific needs, you may need one or more of the following:


A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for the look of your house. In addition to appearance, paint provides a layer of protection. Hiring professionals is important to ensure even coating around your house and the use of quality paints for the work. Bluff City Exteriors proudly uses Sherman Williams paints to ensure uniformity and quality with every job.


New siding protects against weather, temperatures, and pests while ensuring your house looks as wonderful to the outside world as it does to you. Whether you choose James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding or Premium Norandex Vinyl Siding, Bluff City Exteriors will ensure that every piece of siding is installed perfectly with no gaps or other imperfections.


The roof over your head is one of the most essential aspects of keeping your house long-lasting. Roofing relates to things like heat retention in winter, eliminating temperature fluctuations in the summer, and keeping everything dry and pest free. Whether you’ve had roof damage from a storm, or if your roof is over thirty years old, having a professional roof installation may help lower your energy bills, keep pests away, and ensure no further damage is caused. Bluff City Exterior proudly installs Owens Corning roofing materials for their long-lasting durability.

Other Home Exterior Remodeling Services You May Need

In addition to the exterior remodeling services covered above, Bluff City Exteriors also offers other exceptional services for your home.

  • Decks: Adding a deck brings the outside world to you with comfort and style. It’s the perfect place for the beautiful weather of a Lakeland summer evening or an ideal spot to serve up some BBQ to friends.
  • Gutters: An essential aspect of keeping your roof and your yard in good shape, gutters serve to funnel water into specific areas. Replacing gutters, or adding new gutter guards, will help you avoid water build-up around your foundation.
  • Windows: Nothing is better than natural lighting in a home, but windows can also be a pain. Cracks can allow inside air to escape and outside air to get in, causing rising energy bills. Vinyl window repair and replacement is key to ensuring a comfortable and dry home.
  • Doors: Whether you need a change of doors to fit a new look, or you need to replace a door that has been damaged, let Bluff City Exteriors install the best fiberglass or custom wood doors for you.

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Quality Service Meets Quality Materials

Bluff City Exteriors is proud to serve the Lakeland, TN area with dedicated professional services that use the best materials available. We are both a James Hardie Elite Preferred Contractor and an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor. This means we have undergone certification and training to ensure that the installation of these products meets exceptional standards. 

With long-lasting warranties, you can be assured that your home’s exterior, whether a Ranch, Colonial, Craftsman, Contemporary, or Southern Plantation, will look beautiful for years to come!

Get Your Lakeland, TN Exterior Remodeling Done by Bluff City Exteriors

Whether you need roofing, siding, or other exterior housework, Bluff City Exteriors will be there for you every step of the way. Their friendly and professional service is fast and reliable. Get a consultation today!

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