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Bluff City Exteriors provides expert installation of siding products for homes in Germantown, TN.

Stunning, Durable Siding for Your Home

Whether it’s age, weather, accidents, or other issues, the siding on our homes never lasts forever. When siding begins to wear, it can significantly reduce your Germantown, TN home’s curb appeal.

Bluff City Exteriors is here to help revitalize your home’s exterior. Our expert team of professionals will install your siding with precision and care, ensuring your home — your biggest investment — looks as beautiful as it did the day it was built.

Benefits of Professional Siding Installation

While the quality of the siding products used is essential, the installation also plays a crucial role in ensuring that your siding doesn’t just look great but will last for a long time.

Germantown weather can go from deep frosts to high heat, with plenty of rain and extended sun in between. When weather ranges, it can lead to excessive wear over time on a home’s exterior.

It’s essential that your home’s siding is expertly installed if you hope to ward off the issues that come with extreme weather changes. Ensuring panels are flush against a home, with no gaps or misaligned areas, will help keep out water, and keep in warmer (or cooler) temperatures as needed.

James Hardie Siding

Finding the right siding product is vital. James Hardie’s fiber cement siding won’t combust and resists moisture intrusion that causes mold and deterioration over time. Unlike wood paneling, which can rot or attract pests, Hardie siding is virtually indestructible.

With customized siding materials under their HardieZone line for your specific climate zone, you can feel assured that you have the right siding for Germantown for maximum protective performance.

Norandex Vinyl Siding

In addition to Hardie siding products, we proudly install Norandex vinyl siding. These premium siding products are quality-engineered to ensure a long lifetime.

Why Choose Bluff City Exteriors to
Install Your Siding?

As a James Hardie Elite Preferred contractor, a title awarded to only a handful of contractors, Bluff City Exteriors has undergone extensive licensing and insuring, alongside a continuous training program. Every product we install is backed by this intensive training in addition to our commitment to quality. 

Bluff City Exteriors also brings:

  • Notable design experience, including the services of a design coordinator, to ensure that your exteriors match the house of your dreams.
  • An emphasis on flashing techniques and proper installation means you can expect enduring results in addition to aesthetic ones.
  • With thorough preparations and precise estimates for both time and cost, you can feel confident in our services and plan for them accordingly.
James Hardie Elite Preferred Contractor Alliance

2023 Best Home Improvement Contractor by the Memphis Flyer

Have a Beautiful Home with Bluff City Exteriors

Bluff City Exteriors is committed to the Germantown community — we’re here to help beautiful homes last. Schedule a consultation for your siding replacement!