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Ensure your Bartlet, TN home looks as beautiful as it is durable by contacting Bluff City Exteriors for your remodeling needs.

Refresh Your Bartlet Home with Exterior Remodeling

The tight-knit community and beautiful neighborhoods of Bartlet, TN are one of the many reasons it’s a quickly growing town. Part of those beautiful neighborhoods are the gorgeous homes that fill them. When you’re part of a community, your home becomes the first impression of you and your family.

With Tennessee weather that can range from very hot and humid to dry and cold to filled with rainstorms, it can be hard for a house’s exterior to hold up over the years. Having exterior remodeling done by our team at Bluff City Exteriors is one way to return your home to the look you know and love, while also ensuring that pests and weather are kept outside!

New roofing, siding, and gutters installed in Bartlet

Why Remodel Your Home’s Exterior?

The effect of weather on a house can vary. These can include dramatic effects such as a limb causing a hole in the roof, or less visible effects such as weathering of paint, cracks that allow air exchange between the inside and outside of the house, and damaged areas that become weak enough for pests to make their way indoors. 

Remodeling your exterior is a way to take care of visible problems, as well as weathering and aging issues, while also sprucing up your home’s curbside appeal.

Bluff City Exteriors is happy to help you with these exterior remodeling services:


Adding a new layer of paint can instantly up the aesthetic appeal of your home, brightening it and making the look more inviting. Additionally, paint adds a barrier of protection against the weather and pests. Painting is also hard work and needs to be done well to be worth doing, which means hiring professionals is essential. At Bluff City Exteriors, our expert team utilizes only the best materials when painting. We proudly use Premium Sherwin-Williams products for the quality, range of colors, and care that you deserve.


New siding is an essential armor against weather, temperature changes, and pests. Replacing siding also is an instant upgrade to your house’s look. Whether you choose James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding or Premium Norandex Vinyl Siding, Bluff City Exteriors ensures that siding is installed with expert care and professionalism.


Whether you need to fix damage to your roof or have a roof replacement, this essential aspect of homeownership is one of the most important. Quality roofing helps with heat retention in winter, reduces temperature fluctuations in the summer, and ensures that the inside of your home stays dry and pest-free. Bluff City Exterior proudly installs Owens Corning roofing materials for their long-lasting durability.

Other Home Remodeling Services You May Need

We also offer other services to beautify your home’s exterior:

  • Decks: Enjoy the long-lasting warm evenings of Bartlett with a deck, guaranteed to be the perfect spot for dinners with friends and barbecues with the family.
  • Gutters: Replacing gutters, or adding new gutter guards, can help ensure the long-term durability of your home’s foundation as gutters direct water away from the base of the home.
  • Windows: Fix a cracked window, or replace old and less pristine windows to take full advantage of the Tennessee sun. Natural lighting is a powerful mood booster and quality windows can help.
  • Doors: From wanting to change the look of your door to replace one that has been damaged, Bluff City Exteriors installs the best fiberglass or custom wood doors for your needs.

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Why Choose Bluff Exteriors for Your Exterior Remodeling Needs?

Bluff City Exteriors is proud to serve the Bartlet, TN area with our team of expert professionals who bring care and quality materials to every project. We are both a James Hardie Elite Preferred Contractor and an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor. These designations signify that we have undergone certification processes, alongside continuous training, to ensure that every installation is done with the best care possible!

With long-lasting warranties, you can be assured that your house will look as beautiful as you want it to for many years to come.

Get Your Bartlet, TN Exterior Remodeling Done by Bluff City Exteriors

From roofing to siding, gutters to decks, and everything in between, Bluff City Exteriors will be there for you every step of the way. Our friendly service is fast, professional, and meant to last. Get a consultation today!

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